One Easy Rule for Losing Weight

Most experts try hard to put this one weight loss rule delicately, and the point is often easy to miss. It’s

really quite simple. While our bodies vary in so many ways, they all need the same basic elements to

thrive. Water, nutrients, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, fiber, among others. So why do

companies sell us foods outside of this healthy range? We’ll save the complications with capitalism for a

different blog. Because us folks at 1800Wellmed care about our community, we want to extend this

piece of straightforward advice: Stop eating delicious stuff. You want cookies instead of salmon? Who

could blame you. You want breads instead of vegetables? Understandable. You can opt for the magic

diet junk foods and pray for a miracle, or you can try to work hard for something you want. And working

hard often involves some discomfort. Not the kind of vomiting ­related discomfort the lapband has been

known to bring on, but the kind where you’re shoveling black beans and spinach down the hatch while

your family gleefully devours cheesy enchiladas. Allott one meal per week to cheat and indulge!

Otherwise, get your act into shape. Learn to be tough about it. Stop eating for pleasure and start eating

for nourishment. A valuable line of advice a trainer once told me was “You can’t always feel good.”

Initially, the fish and broccoli seems like torture, but as your body bounces back from the sugar and fat

abuse it has endured, you’ll realize feeling good isn’t on your tongue, it’s in your renewed and

invigorating lifestyle.

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